About Us

RupayBachao is an online platform where businesses from varied industries or services can enrol as members and offer their Goods and Services to other members on this Platform. The member can buy or sell their goods and services to any other member(s) on the platform in lieu of RUPEE FREE TOKEN (RFT).

Rupay Bachao is promoted by Gold Souk Group, a 4 decade old diversified conglomerate having interest in real estate, entertainment and hospitality sector. & By Risaa, a healthcare company having India’s largest network of fertility clinic since 10 years

RupayBachao is an online platform, where different businessmen or shopkeepers sell and buy their goods and services.Here, you can trade through RFT (Rupee Free Token) with another businessman, without any cash transaction. In this digital era, Rupay Bachao has created a fully secure and flexible way to allow its members to increase their sales on the platform and at the same time save the cash outflow by sourcing their requirements from the members on the platform. The transaction of sale or purchase entered by the member based on RFT are recorded electronically with RupayBachao. The members (and their employees) can use the RFT in their account to buy and use other services from any member on the platform registered with RupayBachao mobile application.

Benefits & Perks

  •  Online Platform to Increase Profit and Sales without any additional investment or cost.
  •  You can also avail Credit facility without any Interest (T&C apply).
  •  Trade through RFT
  •  No Cash Transactions